Ann Romney Doesn’t Even Consider Herself Wealthy

Happy Super Tuesday! You can all rest easy knowing that the wife of the man who is sure to be chosen as your GOP candidate in the 2012 election can relate to your woes because she, like you, is poor. Not in terms of actual wealth or lifestyle or social concerns, but in terms of spirit. And interview soundbite skills.* How can she even consider herself wealthy? Would you also like to know if she considers herself “white”? As if there is another option? LET THEM EAT MONEY! (Via BuzzFeed.)

*Certainly taking a thirteen-second clip out of the context of a larger interview and mocking it doesn’t seem 100% fair on the interviewee’s part, but also all of these words DID come out of her Ann Romney’s mouth in response to how her family’s wealth translates to the voting public, and also ARE YOU GOD DAMN SERIOUS, ANN ROMNEY?