“World’s Largest Slingshot” Video Is Upsetting

Here is a video of some guys (the guys from “Dude Perfect” if that means anything to you) (not that I’m trying to put “Dude Perfect” down) (the quotations seem mean-spirited but they aren’t I swear) (I just don’t know who they are) (apparently they do trick shots?) (listen, I don’t know) (I’m sure they’re great) shooting the “world’s largest slingshot.” Let me just say that the thing that upsets me about this and that I will be losing countless nights of sleep over is that I highly doubt that this is the “world’s largest slingshot.” It looks like the size of a slingshot that many people would have already made, when they were trying to make a “very big” sling shot. (Tree-size.) You know? You can’t just go around calling every extra-large thing that you make (gross) the “world’s largest” one of those things. If we’re all going to survive in this world together we have to have BOUNDARIES. “Today I made the world’s largest omelette,” is, for example, something you shouldn’t be allowed to say if you just made a very big omelette for breakfast. “Today I watched the world’s most TV.” That one doesn’t even MAKE SENSE. IS THIS WHAT SOCIETY IS COMING TO?!

It is, however, a fairly impressive trick shot. The world’s most impressive trick shot. (Via TheDailyWhat.)