A Delightful Little Drummer

It’s almost the end of Friday, meaning it’s almost the weekend, so I’m not going to beat around the bush: This video is just an easy, adorable delight and you are going to love it so much and you should just turn your brains off right now. You know how drum solos are the absolute worst thing that can ever happen? Like, you’re at a show and you’re having a decent enough time, and then for some reason everyone in the band takes a solo, because it’s actually not a concert that you would’ve ever chosen to go to by yourself but you were brought there by a friend and it’s the kind of band that would allow each member to take a solo during the song, and each of the solos is miserable, but then you get to the drum solo and it’s EXTRA miserable? Because it’s hardly even musical, if you can say that without being too offensive to drummers? It’s musical, I guess, just not in a way that you’d ever want to hear? And for some reason drummers always take so much longer than other members of the band? And you’re like, I GET IT, YOU KNOW HOW TO BE A DRUMMER REALLY FAST? Ugh, that is the worst. Well, imagine that the dummer in that scenario is a one-year-old baby and that their level of drumming is certainly better than you’d expect of a one-year-old baby, but still not that good. A DELIGHT!

Oh great, a quick dummer baby game:

  • John Babyham
  • Travis Babyker
  • Keith Goodnight Moon
  • Neil Burp
  • Dave Stroll(er)

Hahah, the worst baby game yet! FRIDAY! (Via BuzzFeed.)