The Opposite Of World’s Been Had Colliding: Terry Richardson And Brett Ratner

In our celebrity obsessed culture, so much is made of those funny, unexpected pairings of celebrities from seemingly separate spheres interacting with each other. (The truth is that there is just one sphere, and it is called Fame.) So when people see Diddy Skyping with George Lucas, or Elle Fanning making out with Christiane Amanpour, or the entire cast of Modern Family getting into a back-alley knife fight with the therapists from Hoarders, it always raises those exciting questions: what are they Skyping about? Are they forever lovers? Who will die in this ferocious exchange? (Answers: coq au vin recipes, yes, everyone.) But very little fuss is made about two celebrities who you fully expect to see interacting with each other, even though these combinations raise just as many if not more questions. Take this image of Terry Richardson canoodling with Brett Ratner. You see this and you’re just like, well, right. No further questions your honor. But a good judge would be like: Who is in possession of the cocaine? Who “knows a place” in Thailand? Who has been ignoring the other one’s texts and that’s why they’re smiling like that because the photographer just showed up in the middle of a why have you been ignoring my texts fight? Why haven’t we seen this photo before? Questions like that. (Via Terry’s Diary.)