This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a week since the Academy Awards. You guys still buzzing or what? Who are you still wearing?! Well, at a certain point we will have to hang the pageantry back in the closet. Life is for the living, after all. But don’t worry, they haven’t stopped making movies. They continue to make them. And each of the movies in this week’s trailer round-up will win an Oscar next year. For sure. Consider this post my Oscar Ballot.

That’s My Boy

As someone with his fair share of FATHER ISSUES, I totally support the basic premise of this idea, and while the actual execution here looks quite a bit broader than my tastes usually lie, I could still be convinced to see this, but my main question at this point is why Adam Sandler is doing that voice? He for real could do such a good job as a past-his-prime classic rock douchebag absentee father, but so why is he doing the babytalk voice? Acting!

Despicable Me 2 Teaser

In theaters July 2099.


I saw a teaser trailer for this ahead of The Artist last week, and it was just this moody, dark, kind of intense montage set to music that didn’t give you any sense of the movie’s plot but it was a great trailer! This one is obviously a little more straight-forward, but I do like that it’s in black and white. All in all, the marketing behind Frankenweenie is way more interesting and daring than you would expect from an animated movie for children, especially one called FRANKENWEENIE.


This looks good! It’s got a real Coen Brothers vibe. I’m glad they fired the voice over guy halfway through the trailer, though. “He was a real COW SOUND EFFECT. She was an absolute BING BONG!” Hahha. Take it easy, voice over guy. Shirley McClaine looks like she does a good job of her job in this. The first time I ever saw her act in anything was when I was a kid and she starred in a made for TV movie about reincarnation and apparently it moved me very much because I cannot hear her name without thinking “that’s that wonderful actress from the thing I saw when I was a boy.” Oh, life!


Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t go back in time not possible. This movie looks like a movie I will not end up seeing, but I do think it’s an interesting twist that he has to literally choose whether or not to jump into a horrifying injury? Like, usually the person learns that they like their life the way it is and that is when the genie reappears and is like “you finally get it, kid!” But the person doesn’t actually have to go through the pain and trauma of going through the bad decisions or crippling accidents a second time. That is an intense thing to do. Will he do it? We might never know!

Neighborhood Watch Teaser

Sure. Next trailer please!

Piranha 3DD

Haha. Oh brother. I mean, perfect. My favorite thing about this movie is the tits how they actually bothered to put in a “realistic explanation” for why the CGI piranhas broke into a water park. “Fish get confused!” They sure do!

The Avengers Trailer #2

I didn’t actually watch this trailer because I’m already on board with The Avengers so at this point any new information will simply detract from the excitement and surprises of the movie-going experience. Was it good? It was probably pretty good because that movie looks good.