Best New Party Game: Tyler Perry Movie Titles

It’s hard to say how happy it makes me that Tyler Perry’s new movie about a man named Deeds who is very good is called Good Deeds. GUHHHH. Love it. I hope Tyler Perry names his private island Private Island. Tyler Perry is no stranger to inserting puns into his work (The Family That Preys, House Of Payne) but this is a whole new level of Putting It All On The Table. It also makes for a great new party game that you should play at your house with your friends and loved ones with NO alcohol because you shouldn’t need alcohol to have fun I am just kidding get drunk before you play this or else it will be very boring unless you are an alcoholic in which case keep working your program and also be responsible guys, i.e. don’t play this in the car. Unless you’re on a long road trip with kids who need distraction. LOOK THE POINT IS HERE IS HOW THE GAME WORKS:

  • Deep Mr. Impact
  • Mrs. Midnight In Paris
  • Beginners (About a family named Beginners)
  • Good Mr. Burger
  • Independence Day (About a man named Day trying to become independent)
  • Safe House
  • (About a man named Safe who lives in a house)

Gerrd luhrk everrrun!