A Thrilling First Look At Ryan Gosling In Only God Forgives

As we all know very well, “first looks” are some of the most exciting little morsels of Hollywood news to ever fall out of the ever-hungry, ever-so-secretive movie mouth that is Hollywood™. “What are the stars going to look like in their new costumes?” we wonder. “What is the SET going to look like?” “What what what what what?!” Because of this, it would be wrong of me to withhold this exciting bit of Ryan Gosling first-look photography, in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives, from all of you, though I would love to keep it all to myself and my own eyes and never let anyone see it, BELIEVE ME. “What is Only God Fogives, though?” you may be wondering. Well here’s what it’s about! From The Playlist:

Said to be more violent than “Drive,” and featuring swordplay to boot, the story centers on Julian (Gosling), who has lived in exile in Bangkok after killing a cop ten year ago. With his brother, he runs a Thai boxing club as a front for the family’s drugs smuggling operation run by his Florida based Mom, Jenna (Kristin Scott Thomas). However, his brother gets into hot water when he murders a prositute, and the cops call on retired cop Chang – aka The Angel Vengeance — to weigh in on the matter. He determines that the father of the murdered girl is allowed to kill Julian’s brother, and in order to set the balance right, Chang then chops off his right hand. Hearing of her son’s death, Jenna arrives in the city seeking revenge and forces Julian to hunt down Chang. He challenges him to a boxing match…and loses, setting Jenna on a path of revenge.

OooOohhhhhhh…? Sounds great. Honestly I only skimmed it, but is it Sin City? Listen, we’re all going to see it anyway, it doesn’t even MATTER if it is or is not just Sin City, as long as Ryan Gosling’s face is added to it somehow. Speaking of Ryan Gosling’s face, WHAT’S HIS FACE GONNA LOOK LIKE IN THIS?

Hahah, oh, very nice! Very nice face. I like how he looks kind of upset, but also kind of silly and a little like he has to barf, or like he just took a bite of something that he wants to spit out but is trying to hold it in until it is socially acceptable to spit it out. And he has a necklace on! Can’t wait to see this movie! Only God Forgives, coming to theaters ????? It’s probably not at all like Sin City, and Ryan Gosling makes a face! Buy your tickets now!