Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Two Downton Abbey/Comedy TV Show Internet mashups have been brought to my attention recently. The first, as you see here, is Eastbound and Downton Abbey. Very good, I’m sure. Unfortunately, I am not going to look at any of the images because I don’t want ANY SPOILERS! Feel free to look yourselves, though! -UPROXX
  • The second mashup is Arrested Downton. Not as catchy of a name, sure, but what are you going to do. They can’t ALL have the catchiest names. STOP COMPLAINING! Enjoy it! I can’t look at it, but you enjoy it! -ArrestedDownton
  • Here’s a bit that got cut from Maya Rudolph’s Saturday Night Live episode, where she plays Oprah during Weekend Update. You should watch it! -BuzzFeed
  • Speaking of Saturday Night Live, Lindsay Lohan is hosting that this weekend! Ahhh! How do you think it’s going to be?! I hope it’s not awful! I hope it’s ok! Here are the promos, to get a small taste. -NBC
  • In this link, Vulture highlights a piece of Gary Oldman’s GQ interview describing a weird phone call he got from Dustin Hoffman once, warning him against saying any unwise political remarks because he did once and, he says, “I said it to someone who was very powerful who made sure that I didn’t work for a long, long time.” But what did he say?! Dustin!!!! -Vulture
  • Davy Jones, singer of The Monkees, star of The Monkees TV show, Marsha’s super crush on The Brady Bunch, passed away this morning. He was only 66! This is very sad news. He is in heaven now, charming all the angels. -Stereogum