That’s Your Girlfriend: Girl Who Doesn’t “Get” Leap Days

“A lot of the girls at school are so concerned with how they look to other people that they will do stuff just to try and make people think they’re this way or that way regardless of whether they’re staying true to themselves. Like, they’ll wear a certain style of clothes, or they’ll talk a certain way, or they’ll listen to the kind of music the guy they’re interested in is listening to even if they’d rather be listening to a different kind of music. I guess we all do this a little bit, but what I’m really looking for in a girlfriend is someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves. The girl for me is someone who will post a video to the Internet about how she doesn’t “get” leap days and will just rant and rave into the camera for a couple of minutes in a way that might make you think she was very unintelligent and desperate for attention but hey! That’s just her being her! And you have to love her for it, I know I love her very much. She just doesn’t get leap years and she’s not afraid to admit it in a painfully obnoxious and public way. Who do you think you are? She is!


I think my favorite part about your girlfriend is when she does her “scientist voice.” Spot on scientist voice. Scientists are so fucking dumb, it’s insane. (See also: “the dude who invented the months.”) But a close second for favorite thing about your girlfriend is when she says “this is what society has come to” and it turns out she’s somehow not talking about herself, but rather about the long and arduous social evolutionary process we have all participated in that has led us to…having leap years? Love her. Treat her right or I’m coming for you. (Via TheDailyWhat.)