Parenthood Season Finale: Open Thread

Parenthood ended its way too short 18-episode third season last night, and I desperately hope that we all watched it. DID WE? If you didn’t, you f’d up because all of the plot lines we’ve been dealing with for the entire season were wrapped up and you missed it, like a jerk. If you did see it: WHAT DID YOU THINK? Are you mad that Crosby and Jasmine got married, even though they have a kid together and it was very sweet when they told their kid about it? Ugh, Jasmine. Why didn’t you just marry that doctor?! He was so nice! AND HE WAS A DOCTOR! Crosby! Why didn’t you keep dating that cellist?! She was so nice! AND SHE WASN’T JASMINE! How do you feel about Adam not selling the Luncheonette for so much money? Are you happy that Sarah is maybe back together with Mark, but you aren’t sure if she’s going to marry him because he’s in commercials for some other show now, which you assumed meant he wouldn’t be on Parenthood anymore? Aren’t you so happy that Amber decided to keep her job rather than date that politician? Can you even believe, first of all, that Julia and Joel really didn’t get Zoe’s baby, and second of all, can you believe that they have VINCE now? Adorable, non-baby Vince? OH! And I can’t believe Drew did it with his girlfriend! GUYS! Let’s talk about it. What did you think? CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT IT?