Perez Hilton Blog Dot Com: The TV Show

Hold onto your brains, guys, ’cause I have some PRETTY BIG media news to announce and I don’t want your brains to get all over your computers and your clothes and the floor. You got ‘em? Hold on tight, cause: Perez Hilton is getting a TV show! Perez Hilton ia getting a TV show! HOORAY, PEREZ HILTON, HOORAY!! From Deadline:

The CW has picked up two episodes of Perez Hilton Superfan, an unscripted series featuring the celebrity blogger getting close and personal with a different superstar each week. The series of specials was originally commissioned by U.K.’s ITV2 in November with a four-episode order, which premiered in December. The two specials acquired by the CW showcase Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Of course it seems a little silly to be upset about a TV show that all of us will certainly never watch, even though it is on our favorite network The CW, because it’s not going to really be affecting us at all and who cares. Live and let live. Right. But, well, NO it’s still upsetting! I DO HAVE A HEART, YOU KNOW! Ugh, that guy, what an obnoxious, horrible, garbage fame monster. If he gets a TV show, the blogger who gained notoriety by drawing mindlessly mean things (read: dicks) on photos of celebrities, WHY DON’T WE ALL GET TV SHOWS? It just doesn’t seem fair. After the jump, a list of things that would be better TV shows than this TV show, and maybe the CW should give these shows a shot?

  • Twitter TV: People are forced to read their own tweets aloud in front of a camera.
  • Kelly TV: Anything I want.
  • Just Blog It: Unscripted series about a person trying to start an entertainment blog, starting RIGHT when they get the idea to do it.
  • This Guy Looks Like You: TV show about people who look like other people.
  • Bordain Rants: Anthony Bordain rants.
  • Edith: Downton Abbey spinoff.
  • You Said This: People are followed around by cameras and then afterwards their real-life is formatted as a screenplay, and then they have to act out the screenplay.
  • Nothing To Wear: A person who has a lot of clothes but they never really want to wear any of them.
  • The Little Mermaid: Girl is forced to wear a mermaid tail to school.

Any of those! Are you listening, CW?! DO YOU EVER LISTEN?