That’s Your Boyfriend’s Morgan Freeman Impression

There are definitely times when it’s more appropriate for your boyfriend to bust out his Morgan Freeman impersonation than others. It’s one thing when he does it at a party with all of your friends. That makes sense. You’re drinking and everyone’s getting a little silly and having fun and besides, who HASN’T heard his Morgan Freeman impression at this point? If anything, it would be a little weird if he didn’t do it. Some of his high school friends, when they’re in town, they actually request it. But when your parents came to visit you specifically asked him not to do it at dinner, but after a couple of glasses of wine–well, and you don’t even want to think about the look you saw on your mother’s face. It was this sad, but kind of gloating half-smirk, as if she knew ahead of time that your new boyfriend would do a Morgan Freeman impression over dessert. Even before your sister Rebecca married Doug, you could hear your mother thinking, he never did anything like this at dinner, AND he’s a doctor. Well Rebecca and Doug can go fuck themselves. They’re not perfect, mom. You’ll probably break up with your boyfriend before the summer, though. Summer’s a good time to meet new people.

That’s the one. (Via ViralVideos.)