Move Over Animatronic Cat Ears, It’s Face-Controlled Cat Mask’s Time Now!

Last week we were all pretty excited to find out about the new hot fashion trend that is animatronic cat ears. Finally, something we were already so passionate about is in style! So chic! So now! Haute cature! Or SO WE THOUGHT! As Heidi Klum used to say on The Fashion Designer, “In fashion that combines robotics and plush toy cat parts, one day you’re in and the next — you’re out, in the context of some blog post that’s talking about it.” Today that the thing pushing out our animatronic cat ears is a big cat mask that you can put right over your human face and control the eyes and mouth with your human eyes and mouth. THAT SOUNDS MUCH BETTER, AND SO CAREFULLY EXPLAINED! The only downside, oddly enough, is that they haven’t incorporated the ears yet. Once again proving that we’ll NEVER be able to get everything we want, only grasping at pieces of our complete dream: a full cat suit that transforms us into a cat 4real.

Of course they had to add in a part about how they will use this technology to help sick people someday. Uh, yeah, WE ASSUMED THAT. That’s how you ruin all of our fun every time! Don’t you think that’s going to stop us from talking about it as if it’s all as useless as it seems! I’ll see you all in your cat masks at New York’s Fashion Time 2k6! (Via Neatorama.)