Jennifer Aniston Says No To A Friends Movie?!

Yesterday, we all gathered together to congratulate Jennifer Aniston on her brand new “Walk of Fame” star. (That she had to pay $30,000 for, because everyone who accepts one of those stars has to pay $30,000!) (Isn’t that crazy!) (Hollywood!) “Our girl Jen,” we thought. “She could never do anything to disappoint us.” “Our beautiful, beautiful Rachel from Friends.” Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but fewer than 24 hours later the world got some DEVASTATING news, right from Jen’s mouth:

The 43-year-old actress doesn’t see a “Friends” reunion movie ever happening. “I can’t imagine how you would do it, unless you did it years from now. Then it would be: ‘Who are these guys? What are we watching?’ I can’t imagine what that would be,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s not normal. ‘Friends’ is in your living room: ‘Friends’ is not in a movie theater. It doesn’t make sense to me. I think it would be going against its authentic self.”

NO FRIENDS MOVIE?! How dare she dash the dreams of the five or ten people who were for some reason hoping for a Friends movie, and the one entertainment writer who would ever think to ask her about it! Like she’s the QUEEN of Friends, who can make all the decisions about Friends! How dare she try to tell US, THE FANS, what Friends’ authentic self is. I’ll tell you what it is: A bunch of our best buddies living their lives in the greatest city on earth, New York City poorly recreated on a lot in Hollywood. And I’ll tell you what, that’s something that will work on ANY SCREEN! So please, after the jump, take a moment and vote in our influential Hollywood Friends movie poll.

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