Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Leap Day?

Two of the shows were Leap Day themed! Kind of! That was unexpected! Right? Or did you all expect that and you were waiting all week so you could hear some leap day jokes, because they’re your favorite? ??? 30 Rock was another throw away episode, but there WERE some funny parts, like the part when Kenneth said that thing about wearing a wig. But also those funny parts were all pretty cheap. Soooooo. I don’t know. 30 Rock seems like a real HOT BUTTON ISSUE these days, but that may be just because I’m worried that everyone is going to have the opposite opinion of the opinion that I have, but I feel like I’ve kind of given up on it enough that when it is at least kind of funny I think I’m fine with it. So. A super sad time in all of our lives, I’m sure. Nothing gold can stay, ponyboys. Except if we’re talking about this season of PARKS AND RECREATION! 100% nonstop perfect gold. Can’t believe Ann and Tommy are dating 4real. Can’t believe how much I wanted to be on that lake with Ron and Leslie when they were taking about her cutting back on work. That looked so nice! The Office: UGH. I’m so upset with that new girl. GET A HINT, LADY. YOU TERRIBLE LADY. STAY AWAY FROM OUR HUSBANDS! But I do have to admit that it was at least an interesting episode to watch. It was very funny when Gabriel said his full name, Gabriel Susan Lewis. Gabriel forever. And in Up All Night Will Arnett made an Arrested Development chicken reference! WHAT DID YOU THINK?