This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

Hey, have you entered our Oscar Pool yet? You should really enter our Oscar Pool! You could win a prize! But even if you don’t win a prize, it’s just a great way to have fun with your friends in the run up to this Sunday’s Oscar broadcast, also known as America’s Royal Wedding. After the jump, we have all of the trailers released this week, which will help you get started in thinking about NEXT YEAR’S Oscar Pool. Get a head start!


I’m a big fan of Stephen Elliott’s writing so I will be curious to see this movie, although I’m not entirely sure that searingly honest examinations of one’s painful childhood, struggles with addiction, and sexual fetishes translates to good movie directing, but maybe it does! That’s why I said I’d be curious! Besides, it has a pretty good cast and it makes sense to make a low budget movie about entry-level porn work since that in itself is low-budget. I hope Dev Patel and James Franco get in a fist fight.


I liked this better when it was called The Bully Project. Just kidding. I liked it the same amount.

The Imposter

I read a long article about a dude that I bet became the basis of this movie. It was about a frenchman with a weird condition that kept him looking very very young (that condition is called Benjamin Button Disease but I didn’t want to bore you with all the technical jargon) who would impersonate various missing children in order to live in their homes until he was discovered and then he’d move on and do it again but he was, like, in his 40s. WHAT A CREEP! This movie looks good. That guy is a creep, though, 4 real.

Struck By Lightening

This is the movie written by and starring Glee’s Chris Colfer. I’m not really sure if I am willing to believe that a good looking guy who got a starring role on a huge network show at the age of 19 is really the person to give us the REAL SCOOP on what life is like in high school, though. This trailer reminds me of how you’ll see a movie and it feels like it was written by old people trying to be cool, except it was written by a young rich famous person, trying to be uncool. Let’s just watch Bully again?

Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope

Here’s what I will say about Comic-Con: if that is your thing, it is so wonderful and amazing that it exists. I mean it. I’m not even sure what “my thing” is, at least in the way that someone dressing up as BioShock has for sure figured out what there thing is so hard, but let’s pretend I knew what my thing was: if there was an annual event that was just ALL ABOUT celebrating my thing with other people who also had that as their thing but normally during the year we feel alone and excluded, it would be so fun and rewarding and reassuring and great to go that event. Maybe. I don’t know, the crowds are still crowds. My thing would definitely not involve gigantic fire hazard crowds. But you get my point. That being said, this documentary does not appear to talk nearly enough about how Comic-Con is a living nightmare.

4:44 Last Day on Earth

This movie looks pretty good! Although I did laugh out loud that where a larger budget movie would have a clip of Brian Williams or Jay Leno or something, the best Abel Ferrara could do is that dude from New York 1 or whoever that guy is. It also bums me out that the true legacy of Boondock Saints is that no matter what, from now on, when I see Willem Defoe in anything, despite the fact that he is a tremendously talented actor with a long history of wonderful performances, all I can ever think of is this.