WARNING: The Lorax Is Trying To Indoctrinate Your Children!

This is just disgusting news, folks, and I’m sorry that you have to hear it this way, but I do think you’d agree that it’s better to know what we’re up against so we can properly fight it together. Once again, the liberal media is force-feeding our malleable children their left-wing ideals right under our noses, through seemingly harmless children’s movies. Radical ideals like fairness, providing help to those who need it, and being environmentally conscious. UGH, THOSE LIBERAL BUFFOONS! Luckily we don’t have to push our children blindly into the murky depths of liberal Hollywood. No, we have someone looking out for us, ready and able to takle the problem of both B. Hussein Obama’s The Secret World Of Arriett and B. Hussein Obama’s The Lorax. That someone is Lou Dobbs, with Fox News. THANK YOU, LOU DOBBS!

Phew. Glad we were able to catch this before our children were made to believe that people should have to pay a fair amount of taxes relative to their income, fairness should be a priority in all aspects of life, and environmental protection is something worth looking into. (Via VVV.)