Top Chef S09E15: Open Thread

Now look. We’re all adults here. So we all recognize that in the real world, THINGS HAPPEN. And as far as a recap of this week’s Top Chef pre-season finale-finale is concerned, SOMETHING HAPPENED. Let it go. Drop it. I don’t understand why you can’t just let it go. I like to think that this is why the producers of Top Chef have dragged this season out for so long, though. Everyone’s allowed to skip one episode. Lord knows, they are all superfluous and boring and apparently this show sucks now. Oh well! It was a nice ride while it lasted (nine years). In any case, cook cook cook, episodes episodes episodes. Want to talk about last night’s pre-season finale-finale? How exciting was that? Remember when the one thing happened and then the other thing happened? Crazy. To be honest, you guys never seem to have much to say even when there IS a full recap, but maybe this week will be different. Maybe this will be one of those weeks where if Tom Colicchio was a blogger he would write, “You guys gave us some of the best comments we’ve seen all season.” And Charlize Theron would be like, “Mirror MIrror is in theaters March 30th.