FASHION WATCH: Animatronic Cat Ears

Everyone has their own opinion about today’s fashions and what “looks good to wear,” but one thing that we can all agree on is that fashion is difficult and hard to understand and know about, and none of us really know anything about it. Those are facts! Facts we’ve all agreed on. So that’s why I’m happy to be able to bring you this little bit of news from the fashion world, in order for both of us to be able to make an informed decision about the kind of things we put on your body. Let me begin with a question: How many pairs of animatronic cat ears do you own currently? If you answered 1 – 10, you are in luck! If you answered 0, you’re still in luck because you’re reading this blog post, and that is the first step on the way to STOP BEING SO STUPID ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF ANIMATRONIC CAT EARS YOU OWN.

It’s called fashion, and it’s not for you to understand. Make your cat ears. (Via Neatorama.)