Let’s (Continue To) Chat About Jesus

Uh oh! Did you forget about ChatAboutJesus? That’s OK. We all make mistakes. God forgives you. And this new ad reminds you.

mardigras69: does god ever forgive u???
bestfriendz: forgive u 4 whut u r so nice!

mardigras69: pretend u knew sumone who killed sumone with their car but then they got scard and trid 2 hide tha body by taking it back 3 their garage and dismembering tha bodE and throwing plastic bags filled with body parts & bricks in2 the man-made lake behind their housing complez.
bestfriendz: OK
mardigras69: r u imagining that?
bestfriendz: y
mardigras69: does god forgive u for that?
bestfriendz: sext Him u r sorry!!!!
mardigras69: whut if i’m not?
bestfriendz: LOL
mardigras69: no, not LOL
bestfriendz: LOL
mardigras69: LOL
bestfriendz: LOL
mardigras69: PRAIZE B 3 JESUS!
bestfriendz: chatchatchatchatchat!
mardigras69 has logged off
bestfriendz: LOL

(Video via ChristianNightmares.)