This Is Your Engagement Ring: Decepticon Engagement Ring

I’m so excited for you. It’s all finally happening. Ever since you met Greg, things have just been like, AHHHHH, crazy! It’s all moved so fast, and OK, yes, some of us were worried in the early days that you were rushing too quickly into this relationship but let’s be honest: you’ve had an almost comical string of bad boyfriends and broken hearts. The past few years of your dating life could be the “Mr. Wrong” montage in a romantic comedy. So, when you met Greg at that GameStop, and you guys went on that date to Chuck-E-Cheese, and you hit it off so well so quickly, we all kind of suspected something like this might happen. And if you guys have selected an Evil Space Alien Who Can Transform Himself Into A Truck And Wants To Kill The Alien That Is A Sports Car Or A Toaster Oven Or Something as the lasting symbol of your Love and Commitment then who are we to judge you or stand in your way. And hey, when people ask about your ring, because it is a unique and different kind of ring and people do ask you about it all the time and can you blame them and isn’t that kind of why Greg made it for you in the first place was to get a lot of attention, but maybe it is a little odd that you guys very specifically and loudly talk about how you have never seen the cartoon and you just really love the Michael Bay movies because no one loves those movies, they’re terrible movies, and the idea that someone’s only knowledge of the Transformers would not only come from those movies but would somehow work its way into their marriage vows is kind of nuts to an outside observer but that’s exactly why what you guys have WORKS. It’s just perfect. CONGRATULATIONS! (Via Geekologie.)