Duh Aficionado Magazine: Oscar Voters Are Almost All Old White Men

The most important, beautiful, wonderful, dumb, meaningless time if the year is just around the corner: OSCARS WEEKEND! While you’re all busy finding your gold body paint from last year and buying all of your gold snacks and trying to just sleep until it’s finally time, Duh Aficionado is on a HOT CASE that may change the way you view the Oscars forever, just kidding! This all seems correct! From SlashFilm:

According to a new report, 94% of Oscar voters are Caucasian and 77% are male. They have a median age of 62, with just 14% of voters under 50.

Although the full membership list of all 5,765 voting Academy members is kept under tight wraps, the Los Angeles Times confirmed the identities of over 89% of voting members through interviews, publications, resumes, biographies, and more. Most were still working professionals, but because members generally retain their status for life, the roster also included hundreds of voters who’d left the industry years ago.

And here we all are, with egg on ALL of our faces, thinking the Oscar voters were an evenly represented group. “The Academy Awards: The one beacon of hope that isn’t dominated by the opinion of white males.” -Us, three minutes ago. Throw out all of my The King’s Speech merchandise! EVERYTHING IS A LIE! Ugh, anyway, it certainly difficult to take much personal offense to this skewed group, when every day we wake up to a world full of skewed groups that have an effect on things other than which crazy dummy wins a statue. But that doesn’t mean it’s not ANNOYING to hear about! Because of how NORMAL and NOT SHOCKING it is! RIGHT, LAIDES AND NON-WHITE GENTLEMAN?! Let’s all boycott the Oscars until we’re all represented! RIGHT? Or I guess let’s all AT LEAST pick War Horse in our Oscar pools!!! That sounds like the movie these old jerks are probably going to pick!!!!!! #CHANGE