Tyler Perry Is The Black Prankosaurus

Hollywood has an obvious bias towards white, heterosexual men. That is who makes most of the movies and TV, that is who most of the movies and TV are about, and that is who most of the movies and TV are for. The ONLY exception to this from a gender standpoint is Bridesmaids and that’s it. The ONLY exception to this from a sexual orientation standpoint is Glee and that’s it. And the only exception to this from a racial standpoint is Tyler Perry stuff and that’s it. Otherwise it’s all white men all the time. (I’m sort of making a joke but the weird/sad part about this joke is that it’s mostly true but let’s just move on because this is a blog post about a dumb thing Thandie Newton said in an interview that was MOSTLY about her HAIR ROUTINES, so it’s not like we’re going to make the universe better.) With Tyler Perry’s success in making the only movies and TV shows for black people that exist, it just makes sense that he would be the pioneer of On Set Pranks for the African American community. The Jackie Robinson of Showbiz Pranks, if you will. Thandie Newton offers up this hilarious story of another great on set prank, this time from a black person, after the jump:

Prank Talk begins at 4:15, although watch the whole thing if you’ve always wanted to know how easily Thandie Newton can talk about herself in an almost impossibly boring and self-indulgent way:

Wait, the prank was that Tyler Perry gave someone a glass of water but it was actually a glass of vodka? We really are all the same inside. Regardless of our race or creed, our pranks are united in being THE WORST. (Thanks for the tip, @austinshots.)