It’s always a little silly when a local commercial gets a bit of fame on the Internet, because the thing about local commercials — always for car dealerships and furniture stores — is that they are ALL ridiculous. Pretty much every single one of them is an embarrassing, scream-y mess recorded on VHS in 1991 and then dropped down the stairs and then re-recorded onto another VHS with EXTRA yells, and every little town has a bunch of their own, and they’re all wonderful. So it must be exciting when one of YOUR town’s little messes is splashed across the pages of blogs for a day, or merely an afternoon. “Hey, that’s my ‘Downer Dad’ commercial!” you might think. “‘EVERYBODY GETS A FREE ONION!’ My friends always say that!” A beautiful time in a person’s life, I bet. A moment to be savored and remembered forever. So if this, this perfect little furniture store commercial, is your town’s little mess, I’d invite you to really soak in this moment. It doesn’t get much better than this, right? A commercial from your TV being on the computer? #LIFE! #LIVEIT!

The only unfortunate thing is that you can’t hear GIFs. DOWN-ER DAD! (Thanks for the tip, Chris!)