Gael Garcia Bernal IS Beautiful Future Zorro 4.0

Hey guys, how beautiful is Gael Garcia Bernal? So beautiful, right? I almost forgot about how beautiful he was because I haven’t seen him in a movie for a while and he isn’t dating Natalie Portman anymore, but then I saw this “news” (exaggerated quotes) about him that I’ll get to in a second and I remembered, because there was a picture of him attached. SO BEAUTIFUL! Anyway, he’s going to be Zorro in an upcoming Zorro reboot. Duh. Hollywood got to have a very long champagne break after they decided on that one, I bet. “Uhh so, Gael Garcia Bernal, right? Has he been Zorro yet? Remember how beautiful he is?” But check out THE TWIST! From Variety:

ZORRO REBORN is a futuristic reboot of the classic Zorro mythology that will not be set in California or Mexico, despite the story’s Western themes. Garcia Bernal will play the character as a masked vigilante bent on revenge. Project is still seeking a director.

NOT California or Mexico? Set in the FUTURE?! STILL SEEKING A DIRECTOR?!?! A lot of mystery here and a lot of room for predictions, so here are mine:

  • Directed by robot Stanley Kubrick.
  • Set in space.
  • Zorro is mad because his wife and children were left behind on Earth after he was told they’d be taken to space on a later flight, and then Earth exploded.
  • There’s a joke at the beginning that Zorro’s sword is an iPhone 7 app, but then it’s revealed that he has a normal sword still, hahahah.
  • Zorro dresses cooler than before.

Perfect guesses! To be honest, I bet this movie will be at least fine. For instance, remember how beautiful that guy is? So beautiful!