Courtney Stodden Dressed As Marilyn Monroe For Some Reason

Yes, this is the second post about Courtney Stodden this week but that is why Videogum’s motto is “All the Courtney Stodden That’s Fit To Blogs.” It was very difficult for us during those early years when Courtney Stodden didn’t exist yet, but now it is really coming together for old Videogum. ANYWAY, there are actually a couple of things worth pointing out about this picture, besides the fact that it came from the UK Daily Mail in a story that is just about how Courtney Stodden did a photoshoot dressed as Marilyn Monroe for no particular reason. That’s INTERNATIONAL NEWS now! The fact that Courtney Stodden simply has a photoshoot is making headlines AROUND THE GLOBE. But more importantly, it is hilarious that by imitating one of the most legendary sex symbols of all time, Courtney Stodden is wearing the most clothes she’s probably ever worn in her life! So many clothes, by Courtney Stodden’s standards. A whole dress! With lucite heels of course. It’s not the 1920s anymore. (And admittedly there are a few photos from the shoot where she is basically lifting the dress up all the way over her head because clearly an entire dress is too constricting and she started hyperventilating through her vagina and had to let it BREATHE, but we are not posting those pictures because COURTNEY STODDEN IS A CHILD AND SOME OF US WOULD DO WELL TO REMEMBER THAT, DAILYMAIL.UK. AND LOTS OF OTHER PLACES, TOO.) The other thing that’s funny about this, at least to me, is how Marilyn Monroe was a beloved celebrity who sadly became a trainwreck, where as Courtney Stodden started as a trainwreck and sadly became a celebrity. REVERSE TWINSIES! Lincoln had a publicist named Kennedy. Kennedy had a swagger coach named Lincoln. I’m pretty sure this photo is what Eddie Vedder wrote this song about. (Click through to enlarge, perverts.)