Thursday Night TV Open Thread

OH, WHAT A NIGHT! Thursday night! How about that 30 Rock, huh? Gabe says he hated it and that if it had been the first time he was watching 30 Rock, he would never watch 30 Rock again. “VERY bad,” is how he described it. I would describe it as, “I was eating birthday cake and it seemed fine?” Though I would agree that it was a throw-away episode in a pretty big way, in that it was kind of garbage-y, but also Steve Buscemi was in the episode for a for a minute! Which was a great amount of time for him to be in the episode! Listen, I don’t know. 30 Rock is difficult to judge lately because I can tell that it’s rarely very good, but my heart and brain have already decided that they like 30 Rock, plus sometimes it’s my birthday when I watch it. So let’s talk about Parks and Recreation, with returning special guest Louis CK! I know that was good! Right? Not the best episode of the season but still enjoyable! Except if Leslie was my girlfriend and she invited her ex-boyfriend to our fancy dinner, I would have been MUCH more upset about it. “HOW DARE YOU?” is what I would have said. Haha, I was actually really annoyed by that in a way that is maybe only telling of my own personality flaws. “NO ONE IS THAT ‘SWEET’, LESLIE. THAT’S JUST WEIRD. LET HIM EAT A BURRITO.” Super mad. But, man, that show is good every week! What a wonderful bunch of characters they’ve got. Wasn’t it anyone else’s birthday yesterday? The Office was fine. Under my Blog School Yearbook photo I would like the quote, “The Office was fine.” “The Office was fine, at least that new girl didn’t try to sleep with Jim yet.” Thank you. Goodnight!