When Books Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Be Babies Memorizing All The Poetry

Reading or listening to poetry is not something that I’d ever think of as an unpleasant task. Unless you are reading or listening to bad poetry, in which case you should stop it, or unless you just don’t like poetry, which is fine, different boats for different floats, it is generally a delight. A beautiful medium. So it’s remarkable how SUPER shitty reading or listening to poetry normally, like a stupid jerk, seems after watching this video of a three-year-old reciting the Billy Collins poem, “Litany.” Jeeeeeeeepers creepers, everybody! WE’VE BEEN DOING IT ALL WRONG! This is the way every poem was meant to be heard, through the beautiful eyes and empty brain and new-to-speaking mouth of a child who has no idea what he’s even talking about at all, but who can fake it so much better than you’d imagine, and who is very good at memorization. Ugh, it is the best. Forget every poem you’ve ever heard! Listen to this little guy! Mom, make him memorize all the other poems, I CAN NEVER GO BACK!

Ugh, wonderful. Just the best. And I know we just played this game with another baby, but, just because it feel like it’s someone’s birthday today, I don’t know who’s, Elizabeth Olsen’s definitely but I don’t know who else’s, can we play it again with this baby? Baby poets? The baby poet game? GREAT!

  • Edgar Allan Poo-in-my-diaper
  • Charles BukOOWWIEEEski
  • Maya Angepoo-in-my-diaper
  • Raymond Gerber
  • E. E. Come-and-get-me-from-my-crib
  • Walt Disney Whitman
  • Ogden Pashifier

Just a delight, this whole thing, every bit of it. (Via reddit.)