Gwyneth Paltrow Is Corporate Shill For International Garbage Food

Look, it’s hard to be consistent in this world. I know that. Life is so complicated that at a certain point you’re bound to do or say something that kind of goes against what you usually seem to think or believe in. That’s just part of being human. Of course, it gets a little more complicated when you’re basically a walking brand who has made it their business to condescend to the world about the “right way” to live and touting yourself as a paragon of health, beauty, and good living. If you want to do that, that’s fine, but then maybe be a little more careful about which corporate sponsorship deals to endorse. Just a little more careful. Not too much more careful, God forbid. You’ve got to endorse SOMETHING, right? But a little. A reader, Lorcan (whoa, name!), sent in this photo along with this explanation:

My brother took the attached photo in Vienna. It’s important to note that this appears to be an ad for a store-brand vegetarian product for the European supermarket chain Spar. It’s also worth mentioning that in terms of quality, Spar is the equivalent of a convenience store attached to a gas station. You might buy gum there, but you wouldn’t buy Spar-brand gum, or Spar-brand anything for that matter.

VIENNA, MUST BE NICE! Just kidding. I mean, I am sure it is very nice! More importantly, GROSS, GWYNETH. Ich bin keine asshole.” She just likes dinners that are frozen and taste bad. I love that this ad includes her signature. She has signed off. This is the real deal, folks. Her face has NOT been Photoshopped onto a photo of a troll eating frozen trash. Accept no substitutes. Country Strong through to enlarge.