What We Talk About When We Talk About Uggie Not Being Invited To The Oscars

A spokesperson for The Weinstein Company said the 10-year-old terrier had “not been asked to participate or appear at the Oscars” on February 26.

The announcement contradicted earlier reports that Uggie had been rehearsing a sketch with host Billy Crystal.

  • Do you think it’s because, since Uggie just retired due to health problems, they’re afraid he’s going to die before the Oscars, and they don’t want to have that sad mess on their hands?
  • Isn’t that terrible to think about?
  • Oooh, do you think that maybe there’s just some mean person in charge of whatever would allow Uggie to attend and participate in some way and they’re just like, “I am NOT working with a dog.”
  • Is it possible that the rest of the The Artist crew is just sick of this dog getting so much of the spotlight, and they were like, “It’s fine that he got the spotlight at the Golden Globes because that is nonsense, but this is serious”? So that’s why they don’t want to take him?
  • Are dogs just not allowed at the Oscars? Do you know if a dog has ever attended the Oscars before?
  • Is there anything else that we can look forward to going on at the Oscars, now that we know Uggie isn’t going to be there? That was kind of the one shining light of the whole thing this year, I feel like. There already aren’t going to be any musical performances. Are they trying to make it extra boring?
  • BUT WHY?
  • Do you think Uggie is really that great, or are we only holding on to him so tightly because a cute dog is a lot easier to deal with and understand than both “art” and our own feelings about the self-glorification of celebrity that we have to witness constantly during award season?
  • Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??