This Rope Swing Is Too Big!

Eek! I don’t have any children of my own, but this video brings out ALL of my dad instincts. THIS “ROPE SWING” IS TOO BIG! Be careful, guys. I know you love to have fun and seek thrills, but maybe you should buy an X-Box or drink a can of Four Loko. Only one can! Just to see what it is like! And then in bed by 9:30! Weirdly, this video also brings out all of my misanthrope instincts. How is it three minutes long and you don’t see one single body smashed into a pulp against a rock face? Just smashed again and again and again. To be fair, I only watched the first half of this video before turning it off in a panic AS IF IT FEATURED MY OWN CHILDREN, so maybe the second half is Concussion City. I don’t even know what I want anymore! I guess dedication. Either be more careful or publicly suffer the consequences. Bill Maher’s New Rules. (Via TheHighDefinite.)