Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Uhhh so “I’ve got a crush on Obama” girl has a new song, to the tune of Grease’s “You’re the One That I Want” and in this new song the fake Barack Obama (YouTube sensation Alphacat, whoever that is) says “I’ma wanna your vote” over and over, which is — I think — something that the REAL Barack Obama would never say. Get your facts straight, lady! -Mediaite
  • In the current issue of McSweeney’s quarterly DVD magazine Wholphin, there is a video called “The Love Competition” where a bunch of different people have MRIs while they think about love, and then you see who loves the most! You should watch it!  -McSweeneys
  • Did you want there to be a Bad Santa 2 in the world? If YES, I have some good news for you! If NO, then I have some bad news, but not THAT bad, and if this is the worst news you get all day then I’d say it was a pretty good news day, right? -SlashFilm
  • Ok so I am going to STRONGLY caution you against watching this video. It is a video of a hissing cockroach giving birth and it is horrifying. I’m only linking to it right now because I had to watch it because sometimes when I see something I know it going to be horrifying, I HAVE TO WATCH IT. But I’d suggest that you don’t. Unless you really want to. -BoingBoing
  • Dlisted has some outtakes from Lindsay Lohan’s recent photo shoot with Terry Richardson and they say she looks good in them and boy-o-boy she does! I don’t know why she ever looks bad, if she can look this good! What are you doing, Lindsay? -Dlisted
  • Have you seen Rick Santorum’s new anti-Romney ad? Where it looks like Mitt Romney is shooting a big poop gun at Rick Santorum? Haha. Oh, you should see it. It’s very something! -TheDailyWhat