George Lucas And Dakota Fanning Sat Next To Each Other At A Fashion Show, OBVIOUSLY

What? It’s a picture of George Lucas, director of Red Tails, sitting next to Dakota Fanning, the star of Hounddog, in the front row at the Rodarte fashion show. Why? VERY NORMAL PHOTO OF A COMPLETELY ROUTINE COUPLE OF PEOPLE DOING THE THING YOU WOULD MOST EXPECT THEM TO BE DOING TOGETHER. Don’t even get what the point of this photo is. If I had been the photographer I wouldn’t have even taken this picture because I would have just been like, yeah, what? What’s next? You want me to take a picture of a glass of lukewarm water? WHERE’S THE DRAMA AND THE INTRIGUE, PEOPLE?! (When I am a photographer I yell a lot, but not any more than I yell now, actually.)

How much fun does it look like they’re both having? The MOST fun ever? Oh to be a fly on those gold lame pants and here the conversation between these two. Riveting stuff, I’m sure. “Where do you keep your Academy Award?” “I don’t have an Academy Award. Where do you keep your Academy Award?” “I don’t have one either, but if I did, I would keep it in the bathroom as a conversation piece.” “Well, yeah, no duh. You’re not an idiot, Dakota Fanning.” “Thank you, George Lucas, my close personal friend.” “Fashion.” (Click through to enlarge. Via Fashionista. Thanks for the tip, Claire.)