Who Should Play Hannibal Lecter In NBC’s Hannibal?

Did you guys ever see the movie Hannibal Rising? I did. In theaters! ON MY BIRTHDAY! (In 2007!) It was pretty bad and I forget why the decision to see it was made, but whatever, stop talking about it, it doesn’t matter because hey you know what sounds better than that 2007 movie reboot of the Hannibal franchise? This 2012 TV reboot of the Hannibal franchise! From Vulture:

Cinema’s most beloved cannibal mastermind is coming to NBC in a thirteen-episode deal that’ll skip right over the pilot process, the network confirms to Vulture. Hannibal, an hourlong drama, will be written and executive produced by Bryan Fuller, whose Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane — also an NBC project — was postponed just days ago.

Wowowowowow! That will probably be good, right? Bryan Fuller is pretty much K-I-S-S-I-N-G with NBC monster-y reboots, isn’t he? (Yes to both.) And while an hour-long Hannibal drama written and produced by Bryan Fuller (of Pushing Daises, Dead Like Me, etc.) sounds pretty much enticing enough and yes I’ll probably watch that and no you don’t need to tell me anything more about it, one thing we do have to figure out is — WHO’S GONNA PLAY HANNIBAL LECTER IN IT?! 

This is a very big decision and I doubt anybody over there at NBC has even started thinking about it yet, so let’s really put our smart caps on for this one. Could it be:

A Dog With A Muzzle

Peter Krause

Aaron Paul

Bryan Cranston

Chandler Bing

Vincent Gallo

Chuck and Blair

So many good choices! Very hard to decide which one should be the real Hannibal Lecter, but I think it’s safe to assume that it will be one of these guys. Congrats, boys!