Which 2012 Oscar Nominee Would Keep His/Her Statue In The Bathroom?

The only thing that Hollywood movie stars like more than on set pranks is keeping their beloved Oscar statues in the bathroom as a “conversation starter.” Haha, GOOD CONVERSATION! They all do it. It’s just fun. Those guys have fun.

“Hey, is that your Oscar in the bathroom, Kate Winslet?”
“Nice talking to you.”

This is the same reason that we civilians keep toilet paper in our bathrooms. So that we Garbage People like us have something to talk about. Anyway, a fun game to play each awards season is to try and determine which of this year’s crop of potential winners would keep his or her Oscar statue in the bathroom as a conversation piece. Luckily, Andy Serkis wasn’t nominated this year or it would be GAME OVER because DING DING DING WE (WOULD) HAVE A WINNER! But he’s out. So who will it be?! Take our scientific poll to determine the real result:

[poll id=”41″]

And the Oscar goes to…THIS CONVERSATION PIECE!