The Videogum TV Club Poll: What Do You Wanna Watch?!

Hellooooooooo, nurses! I’m very happy to be bringing you the news that, starting next week, Videogum will begin The Videogum TV Club — the club in which we will all watch a TV show on Netflix Instant or DVD or whatever together and then talk about it every week. I’M SO EXCITED! “UGH, SO ARE WE!” – You guys. The only thing we have to figure out now is: Which show are we going to watch together?! There are so many good/bad ones! In order to aid in our decision, I’ve put together a poll of ten wonderful options currently available on Netflix Instant. I keep reading about how Netflix’s stocks are down 1000% and they’re being sued for all their DVDs by Blockbuster and everyone has already signed a petition against them or whatever, but I still kind of feel like everyone has Netflix Instant? Correct me if I’m wrong. Just kidding, DON’T! Also: Feel free to suggest other options (preferably on Netflix instant, since 100% of everyone has that already) in the comments, if you don’t see the option you were hoping for in the poll. Guys! I can’t wait. LET’S GET THIS VOTING STAAAARTEEEDDD!

Yay! And remember, please feel free to suggest something else in the comments.