Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Joel McHale revealed in a recent interview that, once Community comes back, one of the characters is going to die! Oh noooooo! BUT WHICH ONE? He said it’s none of the main characters so it’s probably going to be a very not main character. But which?! -WarmingGlow
  • Stereogum gathered up the ten least boring moments from last night’s Grammy Awards. I would share with you my own least boring moment, but unfortunately I was unable to watch the Grammys. It was very disappointing, but then on the other hand no it wasn’t. But we can pretend like we were all there watching it together with this list! PERFECT! -Stereogum
  • Tim and Eric made the local news show Good Day, Austin very awkward when they appeared on it last week, no doy. Doesn’t anyone do any research about guests before they have guests on their shows? Specifically concerning how awkward that guest is going to make the interview? -Mediaite
  • Martha Stewart showed her dog at Westminster today. And hey, so, that thing is going on again! DOGS! -BuzzFeed
  • Here’s more about it! DOGS!! -Gothamist
  • ST. VINCENT IS GOING TO BE ON GOSSIP GIRL TOMORROW! Here’s a clip from the episode! I hope St. Vincent is featured more in the episode than she is in this clip! Also, Blair, what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be kidnapped somewhere, NOT planning a weird Valentine’s Day for Serena? -Stereogum
  • This is a supercut of all the times Terrence Howard says “mayne” in the film Hustle and Flow. He says it so many times! We in charge! -BuzzFeed
  • Here is a love and relationships Q&A session with Michael Ian Black, in connection with his new book You’re Not Doing It Right. Coincidentally, you can win that new book from us! Wowowowowow! -AVClub
  • Do you want to know about what happened at the BAFTAs? I think The Artist won everything. Do you want to know anything else about it? -FilmDrunk
  • And, finally, the only good kind of drum solo: A mini drum solo. -TheDailyWhat