Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Another day, another set of TV-themed Valentine’s Day cards. This time it’s Downton Abbey! I like this set the best out of ALL the TV-themed Valentine’s Day card sets we’ve seen yet. What an honor. -Kottke
  • Would you like to watch a clip from the new David Wain/Paul Rudd/Jennifer Anniston movie Wanderlust? Well here’s one! With a fantastic “Love Take Me Down (to the Streets)” cameo. Great job, boys. -Metacafe
  • Daniel Radcliffe treats every interview he does these days like it’s a Thought Catalog essay. Here is him on Watch What Happens Live talking about losing his virginity and some other stuff. What’s up with you, Danny? -PopWatch
  • Awwww. Get ready to CRY! This is a clip (so many clips today!) from next week’s Parenthood, featuring Max and his new lower voice and basketball and mean kids at school. -TVGuide
  • Do you like Starry Night? Have you visited it at a museum and posed in front of it, like that picture of P Diddy posing in front of the Mona Lisa? Why not? That’s a fun thing to do! Also, have you always wished you could interact with it? Oh, you’re in luck! -TheDailyWhat
  • Who’s Hotter: Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling? Celebuzz wants you to answer that question. Uhh, Celebuzz? C’MON! Is anyone going to pick Ryan Reynolds for that thing? Is the Internet the only thing that loves Ryan Gosling but then the rest of the world doesn’t care? What is life like outside? -Celebuzz
  • Oh, Nic Cage talked about his vampire lookalike on Letterman last night, speaking of things from the Internet existing in real life sometimes. Great. -BuzzFeed