A Rare Moment Of Moral Clarity From Bill O’Reilly!

Bill O’Reilly is a liar and an asshole, end of story. There’s absolutely nothing he could ever really do to make up for the years of disinformation and hate-mongering that he has broadcast through his FOX News program and his children’s books. The worst part about Bill O’Reilly, and I have said this before, is the painfully clear fact that the dude doesn’t even believe in half of the garbage things that come out of his mouth. He just says them because he knows they will appeal to his viewership, and he can continue to make lots of money. (As a point of reference on this particular issue, I highly recommend listening to/watching a Bill O’Reilly interview in the “liberal media,” either on The Daily Show or Fresh Air with Terry Gross*. It’s interesting! He almost always comes off as thoughtful and intelligent. Which only makes things worse. Because that means he’s aware.) All of this being said, today we offer credit where credit is due, and point to a rare moment of moral clarity from Mr. O’Reilly. In the wake of the Ellen Degeneres – JC Penny – Million Homophobic Moms dust up, O’Reilly addressed the issue on his show, and not only stood up for Ellen Degeneres’s corporate spokesmanship, which, well, of course he did, I mean, right, but he also stood up for gay rights in general. It’s actually pretty good:

Right? Right. You actually kind of have to give it up to Bill O’Reilly on this one. Ultimately one might argue that his argument stems more from the conservative belief in free enterprise and the economic defense of a fellow millionaire, but it doesn’t really matter. However you get to the argument that homophobes should go fuck themselves is unimportant as long as you agree that homophobes should go fuck themselves. (Via GotchaMedia.)

*Bill O’Reilly rather notoriously stormed out of the studio during his Fresh Air interview with Terry Gross, which would seem to undermine my argument that his away game interviews with the visiting team reveal him to be more level-headed and considerate. But in reality, the interview IS very even-keeled and interesting up until the point where he loses his temper, and to be completely honest, I think he was right to be angry or at least annoyed with Terry Gross who really WAS trying to bait him with pointed, antagonistic questions. So, I stand by this as an example of O’Reilly’s potential for rational thought.