Which Is The Cooler On-Camera Proposal?

I know we all hate public marriage proposals. None of us have a different opinion on them, certainly none of us have ever done them or had them done to us, and sometimes we can’t get to sleep at night because we can’t stop thinking about how terrible they make us feel. I definitely know that all of that is the truth. And, I have to tell you, the first proposal you’re going to see is kind of a public marriage proposal, because it is Greg Jones — sportsman — proposing to his girlfriend after winning the Super Bowl. But it is public in the quietest way possible, while still being surrounded by a million cameras and people. And it still sounds PRETTY GOOD, right? I cannot wait until my future husband wins the Super Bowl and then proposes to me and the stays faithful to me for the rest of my life. The second video is kind of like an intense opposite of a public marriage proposal, while still being something that you’re watching on the internet. (A man in a Bender helmet proposing in binary code.) So we’re all agreeing that they’re both pretty cool marriage proposals, but — WHICH IS THE COOLEST? Please watch and judge for yourself.

Greg Jones Proposing To His Girlfriend After Winning The Super Bowl

Guy Proposing To His Girlfriend In Binary Code

Very hard decision, right? Would it help to hear a few words from the binary guy’s girlfriend on the whole thing? Ok, here’s that:

My boyfriend told me I had to close my laptop for a couple minutes, then when I logged back on this was posted to my facebook wall. He sat across the room as I transcribed and then decoded it. After about a half hour I found out it says, “Rachel, you are awesome. Will you marry me?” I said yes, of course :B

Ahh, all the classic love story elements: Facebook, sitting across the room while someone “decodes” your proposal for half an hour, and a Bender helmet. Super beautiful, and I’m very glad that this person found a woman who would say yes to someone who posted that video on her Facebook wall for everyone to see.

So, obviously, these are still BOTH VERY COOL! Again, I am left not knowing how to decide. Sure Greg Jones won the Super Bowl, but did he even TRY to figure out what “will you marry me?” is in binary? And SURE, the other guy DID do that, but DID HE EVEN TRY TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL? Tough choice. What do you think??????