Grandad Singing Pig Song Gives Us All Hope

Kurt Vonnegut once wrote that all of life is high school, which science has since proven. Even though we are all, every single one of us, adults now (please have your ID’s out) we still spend far too much time worrying what other people think of us, even if we know that we spend too much time worrying about that. You can’t not. And there are ways in which the social structure of our adult lives depends on at least a modicum of self-awareness and self-understanding within the social hierarchy established 45 years ago in the hallways of East Dillon High. The trade-off, of course, is that although we are still stuck in this living nightmare of judgement and self-doubt, at least we aren’t OLD and SICK like OLD PEOPLE. Right? Phew. Gross. Except, as this video of a grandad signing the pig song shows, at a certain point in life you ain’t care no more. You got your loving family, and you’re not trying to win no more beauty contests, so if they want you to sing the pig song on cue, fuck it, you’ll sing the fucking pig song, and it will be so intense, and you’ll STARE DIRECTLY INTO THE CAMERA WITHOUT BLINKING WHILE YOU DO IT, TOO.

You’re a grandad now and your priorities have changed and there’s no such thing as “shame” there is only “death.” I’m saying that as a good thing. Did you know that people actually get happier as they get older with their peak happiness coming at the age of 80, even with all of their frailties and unfuckable faces (and/or because of their frailty and unfuckable faces)? Did you? Did you know? Well now you know. So chin up. We can get through this! That will be us on the couch one day, and it will be great. Oink oink weee, indeed. (Via BoingBoing.)