Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Ugh, finally Courtney Stodden is doing something again. Every time she disappears for a little while I’m afraid she’s going to realize what she’s doing and never come back. But nope! Here she is, as a mermaid in a commercial. I love you, Courtney. Do change at some point, though! -Dlisted
  • Here is a list titled, “What I Know In Life I Learned From Friends.” A great list, no duh, you can tell that from the title, except it’s missing somewhere around a million much more important things. Like, “Any of your friends who see themselves as ‘the funny one’ are always going to say they’re Chandler when you talk about who you’d be if you were Friends, even when they’re Ross in every other way.” Or, “Once you start talking about Friends episodes as a joke, you will not be able to stop talking about them until it’s not even kind of a joke anymore.” -EpicPonyz
  • Oh, guess who else has an actor crush on Ryan Gosling? Josh Hutcherson from Hunger Games! Two of your favorite guys (one very young)! Don’t you just wish they’d kiss! -People
  • Holy moly, look how much money Bridesmaids made from VOD! So much money exists in this world, guys! And so much of it goes to movies! It’s a little hard to believe sometimes! -Deadline
  • Here’s a supercut of a bunch of clips of a weatherman not being very angry about the job he is doing. He seems like a happy guy. Just living life. -TheDailyWhat
  • Here is an interview with Jon Glaser for you to watch. Halfway through the interview the interviewer begins getting a tattoo because doyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoy. -Vice
  • Last night, after Rick Santorum won Colorado, Wolf Blitzer said “OMG” on The Situation Room. And here is a video of it! For all you Blitzer fans out there. AS IF! Right? “As if.” JK. -Mediaite
  • Did you know that Lucy Lawless almost had a role on Parks and Recreation? It’s true! Can you guess what role she almost had? Here’s a hint: It’s a lady. Here’s another: It’s not Leslie. Do you have a guess yet??? -HuffingtonPost