The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Ugh, finally, the only thing any of us look forward to in our entire week: THE WEEKEND ANIMAL VIDEOS! Luckily the placement of The Petting Zoo is perfect, right in the middle of the day, right in the middle of the week, to help you get “over the hump,” as they say. Before you know it you’ll be watching Must See TV on Thursday night, and then before you know you’ll be on the beach sipping some sort of, I don’t know, let’s just say some kind of sangria made with champagne. Because you’ll be on that vacation you’ve been wanting to take for so long, because that’s how fast the time will fly. After you watch these animal videos and continue on with your Wednesday. Because animalis videorum longa, vita brevis. RIGHT? Everything I’m saying is first of all so smart, second of all totally easy to understand, and third of all completely worth reading? Right. Oooook, so, let’s get down to it. The TRL of Animal Videos, except I’m the only one who votes!

10. Baby’s Bed Is Cat’s Bed

9. Cool Cat Doing Nothing

8. Dog Goalie

7. Corgi Is A Terrible Artist

6. Timelapse Of Tortoise Eating A Salad

5. Little Husky Confused By Wine Glass Noise

4. Penguin Hug

3. Pug Trick Demo Reel

2. Dog Takes Care Of Kitten

1. Donkey Sings Along Beautifully To Violin

Oh my goodness, that donkey is AN AMAZING SINGER! I was 100% ready to hate that video, but then the donkey started singing and it reminded me of this video and holy moly was I blown away. Just a fantastic performance. I barely want to talk about anything else, but I guess we HAVE to. The dog taking care of the kitten was adorable, obviously. I’m glad whoever owns both of this was so sure that the dog wasn’t just going to straight up eat the kitten that they were cool to sit back and record the whole thing. Pug tricks are cool, obv. It doesn’t even matter that the video is like 6 minutes long, just kidding, yes it does! SHORTEN YOUR PUG TRICKS VIDEO! Otherwise it’s perfect. Penguin hug, what’s there even to say. Just the best. I hope someone buys me a penguin hug someday. And, finally, finishing out our top five, is a puppy tilting its head. A perfect little classic that never gets old. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE REST OF THE TOP 10, AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!