The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Terry Richardson And Lindsay Lohan

Do you follow Terry Richardson on Tumblr? You probably shouldn’t but maybe you should? It’s hard to say. As much as that guy is a horrifying pervert who has DEFINITELY done something VERY illegal at some point that NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT but everyone KIND OF KNOWS ABOUT, you can’t argue that his washed out “faux-amateur” snapshot portraiture style hasn’t come to define the visual aesthetic of the past 10 years or whatever. So, there’s that. The guy has always inserted himself into his work, but his Tumblr is a real Shrine to Narcissism. There are almost as many photos of Terry Richardson as there are photos of Terry Richardson’s subjects. And if he’s not in the photo, someone’s wearing his glasses. Hey! It’s his Tumblr, he can do what he wants. I’m just telling you what he wants: which is for you to look at and/or fuck him. (Just kidding AND! Definitely “and.”) Anyway, this is a new portrait of him and the lady of interest, Lindsay Lohan. This will surely kickstart her career, right?! She is the star of Avatar 2 now. Congratulations, Lindsay Lohan! Caption this beautiful photograph.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Now go put some clothes on. (Image via Terry Richardson.)