Werner Herzog Talks About Chickens

As we already discussed earlier today, the world is filled with pointless noise. It’s hard to even think straight these days what with all the SHOUTING. (For a good examples of what I’m talking about, please re-watch the Portlandia sketches “Did You Read?”.) (And also incidentally, this entire discussion gets back to my favorite part of that Internet-age cultural production documentary that we were talking about a couple weeks ago and the false belief in the democratization of the means of production as a blanket cultural good rather than a recursive noise factory that clouds the discussion.) ANYWAY, at the other end of the spectrum from these issues is Werner Herzog, who not only makes movies that are always interesting and sometimes even VERY GOOD, but who seems to have something worth listening to every single time he opens his mouth. The man could reTumbl the phone book and I would read it. Here he is talking about chickens:

Good point, Werner Herzog. What do you want to talk about next?! (Via BestRoofTalkEver.)