Can Everyone Please Stop Climbing Things?

What’s even up on that building or that mountain that you’re trying to get? An adrenaline rush? “Fun”? A sense of accomplishment? A real life experience? Well, I’ll tell you where else you can find those things. IN A BOOK!!! Sitting in the most comfortable easy char in your rec room, reading a book. Maybe a fictional book about climbing a building? You’d like that! Maybe a book about a young man who loves parkour and free climbing and is very good at both of them until one day he tries to climb a building and he falls off. It is the highest building in the city and the last one he had to climb before he’s climbed all of them, but what do you know, that’s the one he falls off of. Even though he did everything “right.” The young man doesn’t die, but he gets VERY injured. “Who was I to think that I could climb buildings and make everyone worried,” he says to himself in his hospital room. “Who was I to think that I could film myself doing this and put it on the internet set to an embarrassing song, as if it was something everyone was going to feel comfortable watching.”

And then the doctor will come in and tell him he’ll be able to climb buildings again in a few years, after a lot intense physical therapy. And the climber says, “You know what, doc?” And then he looks at his mom and says, “No thanks.” And then later he clarifies that he still wants the physical therapy, he just doesn’t want to climb things anymore because he learned a lesson. THE END. (Via OHYST)