Thing You Didn’t Know Was Happening Isn’t Actually Happening Says Guy Who May Or May Not Know What Is Actually Happening

I’m going to give you a quick peak behind the curtain at how the sausage is blogged, and then at the end, let’s just agree to tear the curtain down and set it on fire and stop eating sausages and dump all the blogs in Whoops Ocean. So, and not that any of this will be new to you, because you are very smart and you pay attention and you connect the dots like some kind of Jason Bourne but with less punching people in the throat with books, but with any full-time “professional” pop culture or entertainment blogs, the writers and editors spend most of their day reading other people’s pop culture and entertainment blogs. That’s how they know what is going on, and that’s where 80% of their posts come from. (While we are certainly critical and skeptical of this model, Videogum follows this model to a T, and actually 80% seems low from a Videogum standpoint, so we are just pointing out right off the top that we are not excluding ourselves from this unfortunate NIGHTMARE.) This creates what is called an echo chamber in which small pieces of borderline meaningless information, or even worse DISinformation, are quickly circulated and amplified and turned into a “thing.” This is, of course, how viral videos are created. It is also why your 10 favorite websites probably write about the same 10 things (again, Videogum included, Videogum is part of the problem, not the solution). There is no better place to see this in all of its sad and boring action than in the more niche markets, like, “film blogs” or “celebrity paparazzi blogs” because their publishing mandate requires them to stay on top of all the “news” in their designated category but there’s only so much “news” on any given day, and so anything that’s even remotely novel or that seems potentially interesting becomes a bigger thing very quickly. The whole system is completely broken. There don’t need to be 10 websites churning out the same 10 rehashes of a thing that may or may not even be true. It’s dull! And if nothing else it creates eyestrain. Anyway, today we have another great example of this in the Story of the Harrison Ford Casting in the Blade Runner Sequel. Which is not actually happening. And so, just as quickly as a thing that you didn’t know was happening was announced, it was discredited, and this discrediting was announced, and so now where are we? Here is the full story, from /Film:

Over the weekend, news broke that star Harrison Ford had entered early talks to appear in Ridley Scott‘s upcoming Blade Runner sequel, sparking widespread excitement even among fans who’d previously been wary of revisiting the sci-fi classic. However, Alcon Entertainment’s Andrew Kosove is now “adamantly denying” the story, saying that they haven’t even begun to think about casting yet. More after the jump.

Kosove spoke with Deadline to quell the rumors. “It is absolutely patently false that there has been any discussion about Harrison Ford being in Blade Runner,” he said. “To be clear, what we are trying to do with Ridley now is go through the painstaking process of trying to break the back of the story, figure out the direction we’re going to take the movie and find a writer to work on it. The casting of the movie could not be further from our minds at this moment.”

Though the odds of Ford coming back sound very slim, Kosove admitted that it couldn’t be ruled out entirely. “In advance of knowing what we’re going to do, I supposed you could say yes, he could. But I think it is quite unlikely,” Kosove said.

Haha. OK, so just to clarify: someone over the weekend wrote that Harrison Ford was going to be cast in a Blade Runner sequel, at which point it was reprinted across the Internet, but now someone who is actually working on the film says that it’s not true, and THAT is getting reprinted across the Internet, but on top of that the person who says that it’s not true simply says that it’s not true right now but that it might be true in the future. OH GOOD GRIEF. I’m so tired! It’s only Tuesday, blogs, we’ve got a whole week to get through! (None of this even takes into account how much of a NOT BIG DEAL it is whether Harrison Ford stars in a Blade Runner sequel or not. Like, Harrison Ford is as old as Betty White, and a Blade Runner sequel may or may not even be a good idea, but also there isn’t a script yet. They aren’t shooting for a long time. Which means the movie won’t be out for years. WHAT ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT HERE?)

Imagine if you will for a moment that everyone who wrote a blog post about the Harrison Ford casting news, and everyone who wrote a blog post about how the Harrison Ford casting news wasn’t true, and everyone who read those posts and everyone who commented on those posts and the production executives who had to spend the weekend on the phone calling Nikki Finke and debunking these rumors spent all of that time READING A BOOK or WORKING ON THEIR GARDEN or DOING ANYTHING THAN WHAT THEY WERE DOING? I know that it’s always a specious argument to claim some kind of non-existent, romantic ideal of the “good” that would come from people doing something other than what they were actually doing, because that’s never actually an option, and one can also just do good for the sake of doing good and not for the sake of reading/writing Harrison Ford casting news blog posts, but that is why I said IMAGINE. Because in your imagination ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. OK, are you picturing it? It is better though, right? The world is a little better.

As they say, I want to go to there.