Best New Party Game 62: “What’s That Movie?”

This week’s Best New Party Game comes from a FAILblog post of a Facebook thread but all the names are crossed out so maybe YOU (Time’s Person of the Year, 2003) invented it! Basically, some IDIOT (everything begins and ends with idiots) posted a question on their Facebook page asking for help remembering a particular movie by giving such vague information that they could have been naming lots of movies. And then that person’s friends and family, who clearly hate him/her and think he/she is an idiot, posted lots of comments on the thread playing on this blooper. And thus a party game was born. All that was needed was a party. So let’s party. The game is pretty simple and I think you will both pick it up quickly and enjoy it immensely. Or maybe not. I’ve been wrong before. Just kidding. Never.

  • What’s that movie where Jason Statham kicks a guy in the face?
  • What’s that movie where Julianne Moore cries a lot?
  • What’s that movie where someone took Harrison Ford’s family?
  • What’s that movie where Will Ferrell has a temper tantrum?
  • What’s that movie where Stan Lee makes a cameo?

You get it. So why don’t you ACT PLAY LIKE IT.