Saturday Night Live: Channing Tatum And Bon Iver

Channing Tatum hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, in promotion of his new project the fact that he used to be a stripper before he was an actor, and it was pretty good! Though, there is certainly something to be said about having very low expectations of how an actor will do hosting SNL, and how that influences your opinion of the episode when those very low expectations are not exactly met. Like, I really thought this guy was just going to be a big old handsome dummy the whole time, whose inability to act convincingly and comedically would drag down every sketch. And he kind of was that? But in a way that worked pretty well, or was at least endearing when it didn’t work. A lovable doofus. But, uhh, speaking of when it didn’t work, what was with that male stripper sketch?! My goodness! I almost LOVED it, that’s how terrible it was and how awkward it made me feel. 45 minutes of Jason Sudeikis telling too bad bad-on-purpose jokes while every male cast member comes out and dances suggestively with their clothes on? CAN WE HAVE 45 MORE MINUTES OF IT?! Let’s not dwell on that, though. Remember the good things?!

The Newt Gingrigh, Moon President cold open was a VERY GOOD cold open! A cold open so good it makes you think, “Why aren’t any of the other cold opens good, if they know how to do it?” Like when you accidentally do a good job on a task you hate doing and people notice and then when you do it half-assed again the person in charge of you is like, “I know you can do better than this.” And you’re like, “Arrrggggg, why did I ever do better?!” It’s like that, only not at all, because we have no say in what goes on at SNL HQ. But hey, good sketch! “May divorce be with you”!

The Downton Abbey FX commercial is unfortunately not available to embed, so here is a terrible YouTube recording of it. This was so good! Downton Abbey fever is in FULL FORCE!

The “Getting Freaky With Cee-Lo” sketch was not particularly great, but I wanted to highlight it for Channing Tatum’s DEFINITELY good enough Matthew McConaughey impression, and the fact that I watched The Voice last night after the Super Bowl (impressive) and didn’t realize until then that I really like Kenan’s Cee-Lo impression. LOL. That guy is crazy. Not as crazy as X-Tina, though — what a total B.

The “NBC Football Promo” sketch was succinct and funny and, most importantly, TIMELY! FOOTBALL! FOOTBALL! FOOTBALL! GIANTS!

I don’t know how I feel about the Lana Del Rey “Weekend Update” segment. I like that they did something about it — obviously, they had to. Lana Del Rey’s SNL performance is all anyone’s ever going to talk about for the rest of our lives. But I’m not sure that Kristen Wiig was the right person to portray her (though, I also don’t think anyone else could have done it better) (maybe GET SOME MORE GIRLS on this cast), and I’m not sure that ignoring how terrible the performance was was the right route. It is VERY silly that people were so upset about it, and bringing up other of the billion artists with stage names was a good call, as was defending how “weird” she was, but that wasn’t really what people were upset about with that performance, I don’t think? People were upset, I think, because she actually did a very bad job? Even considering how she is just a weirdo? I just feel like it would have been a bit better if they actually addressed THE ISSUES! THE MOST PRESSING ISSUES OF OUR TIME! LANA DEL REY ON SNL! SHOULD I WRITE ANOTHER PARAGRAPH ABOUT IT?

And, finally, I really enjoyed the “Exercise Commercial” sketch. Good jobs all around.

Oh, also: Bon Iver performed, and he sounded just like Bon Iver sounds!