Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Want to know what Anthony Bourdain thinks about all the Oscar nominees? In particular, do you want to know what he thinks about Midnight In Paris? Want to guess what he thinks about it first? Ok take a sec and guess. Do you think he probably liked it a lot? -NYTimes
  • Here is a lovely article on Ryan Gosling’s workout routine. (Yes, ladies, he does work out!) -HuffingtonPost
  • Did you guys hear about how Roseanne is running for president? IT’S TRUE! I think! With the Green party. Too bad you already dedicated your vote to Newt Gingrich, right? -Dlisted
  • Especially considering all these RED HOT CELEBS who have already pledged their own votes to Roseanne! Aww, dangit! Finally your chance to vote with the stars, and now it’s ruined.  -Mediaite
  • Have you always wondered if big cats purr? Get your mind out of the gutters. Is anyone’s mind in the gutter? JUST MINE? Ok, but have you ever wondered that? If so, you can watch this video! It kind of gives you an answer! -TheDailyWhat
  • FilmDrunk has an important question to ask and that is, Can a cheap gimmick ruin a good story? And my answer is, What do you mean? Like if a novel is an epistolary novel? No? That’s not what you’re talking about? ANSWER ME, FILMDRUNK. -FilmDrunk
  • Willow Smith shaved her head, guys! Whaaaaaaat! -Blemish
  • Chris Rock wants to do a movie in which he’s married to Melissa McCarthy. I think he wants to call it, Why Did I Get Married 3 Oh Yeah Because Melissa McCarthy Is Famous All Of A Sudden And I’d Like To Do A Movie With Her Before She’s Not Famous Anymore. Sounds good, though! -AVClub